Best Chiropractor in Wilson County!
We are Blessed 🙏🏽
Thank You Dr. Britany and Awesome Staff!
Blessed WeAre
I ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Dr. Brittany and her entire staff. Such kindness and knowledge is so rare today but you find it here!!! I was skeptical of chiropractic care but I am no longer anymore!
Victoria Bizzaro
I walk a lot of miles for a living, and I enjoy it, but I have to say that my favorite walk of the day is immediately after an adjustment from Dr. Brittany, and I get to walk that short distance from the Tinker Family office across the parking lot to my truck. I’ve actually started parking as far from their office as I can because I enjoy the walk so much. It feels like my head is floating on air, my goodness it’s pretty amazing! Dr. Brittany and every single person in there is so helpful and wonderful to work with. You won’t be disappointed!
Brian Mateo-Ang
In the past I had suffered from an uneven hip, causing excruciating pain, walking and or sciatica. I invested time in getting under the care of a very knowledgeable Chiropractor. I recovered well without having to undergo surgery.

Sadly, I stopped going for three years. I no longer was doing my home exercises, and had a great deal of weight gain. I reached out to a personal trainer, which was great, but I had started three to four weeks prior and walked with a bend and pain. When I saw things were progressively getting worse, I called my Chiropractor. They immediately to me in, x-rated me and made an adjustment. With proper care from her, my trainer and eating a proper diet( both educates proper eating). I know I will recover and stay on the right road. Never again will I let myself get in that shape again. I'm feeling better and expecting greatness!
Monica Thompson
Everybody there is knowledgeable and friendly, the office is always clean and orderly, and the adjustments are helping me heal! Highly recommend!
Alex Kuisis
Dr. Brittany is the best! She takes amazing care of all of her patients and her staff is super friendly. We always feel great after getting an adjustment.
Julie Whitnel
My shoulder was hurting me from working out at the gym, so I told Dr. Brittany and she has adjusted me maybe 6-7 times and so much better!!! Also my knee went out couple months back and Dr. Brittany also has my knee adjusted where I can walk without a limp and back at the gym!! I’ll be 71 yrs. young in February and with the grace of God and Dr. Brittany I’m enjoying my life and active with no medication but vitamins!!!!👍❤️❤️
Linda Raynor
Have been seeing Britney for a couple of years now and I’m much better because of her from where I first started. She has helped me get off most of my medications which is amazing and I’m forever grateful for her. She is awesome!
Dana Carpenter
My family of four has been going here since 2016 and we will never go anywhere else! Dr. Brittany is truly exceptional and shows great dedication and care for each individual patient. We love her and the whole team there at the office!
Jessika Collins
If you are looking for a GREAT Chiropractor, you owe it to yourself to check out Tinker Family Chiropractic. Dr, Brittany, Dr. Erin, and the entire staff are the most qualified, wonderful helpful team I’ve ever had the privilege to work with. My first visit, I was walking ‘crooked,’ I was in pain all day, every day, and generally felt pretty bad. As I left their office a few weeks ago I noticed I was stepping off the sidewalk with absolutely NO PAIN and was actually in a great mood! Nothing hurts! And, for the first time in as long as I can remember, I’ve not had any allergy symptoms or other medical issues at all. I HIGHLY recommend them!
Ellen Howell
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